Honda Civic


Another finalist that we are taking a look at is the latest Honda Civic. The Civic was a bit late to the party in terms of the eligibility period for voting however it has cemented itself a place amongst the finalists.

HONDA CIVIC 1077x450

This latest generation Civic has grown up in more ways than one. With an exterior aesthetic that we feel represents exactly what a modern Honda should look like. Similarly, the interior is impressive in many ways. As one of the finalists which we drove most recently, our recollection of the Civic is still quite vivid. We spent quite a bit of time playing around with the various tech and safety systems fitted to the car.

Car Int335x200
Car Int335x2002
Car Int335x2003

But perhaps what impressed us most was the new 1.5 litre turbocharged petrol engine. It performs well and provides respectable fuel returns. What also surprised us was how well the engine works in conjunction with the CVT transmission. Making progress in this latest product from Honda is quite effortless thanks to the aforementioned powertrain as well as the impressive ride quality exhibited on our often imperfect roads. Overall, this new Civic is a good product all round and certainly deserves its place in the final.