Greyhound dies after being locked in boot

This dog survived despite high blood pressure causing it to hemorrhage from its ears and mouth, unfortunately its friend was not as fortunate

A man faces five charges of animal cruelty under the Animal Protection Act after transporting two Greyhounds in the boot of his car on 22 January.

A private security company noticed the man pulled off on the side of the road to examine the dogs, who were clearly in the throes of death.

The animals were rushed to the Empangeni Veterinary Hospital, where one of them was declared dead shortly after, due to heatstroke.

Haemorrhaging and convulsing, the other dog was frantically cooled down, sedated and placed on a drip.

Veterinarian Goeff Fourie believed the dog had a slim chance of surviving the ordeal.

‘Even if it does survive, there’s a high chance it has suffered extensive brain and kidney damage,’ he said.

‘Transporting an animal in the boot of the car is completely unacceptable. If you have to transport the animal in the cabin, remember if it’s comfortable for you, it’s bearable for your dog.’

On Monday, Dr Fourie reported the dog had survived, and would be transported to Empangeni SPCA pending legal action against its owner.

‘We cannot tolerate incidents like these anymore and will be taking action against perpetrators,’ said Senior SPCA Inspector, Roland Fivaz.

‘Many people simply do not realise transporting animals in cars, or worse, leaving them unattended can be very dangerous.’

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