Back-to-school hacks that will change your life

A photo keyring (with a photo of your child's face) is an excellent way to mark his or her backpack for easy identification

It’s the start of a new school year, but that does not mean you have to get all stressed up about it.

Here is a list of nifty hacks to make back-to-school smooth sailing:

• Shop for shoes without having to drag your children along. Simply trace the outlines of their feet onto a piece of paper and take the paper with you to know their exact measurements.

• Apply a clear coat of nail polish over uniform buttons to secure them.

• Forget about name tags that fade after a few washes – embroider your child’s name onto his or her uniform.

• A photo keyring (with a photo of your child’s face) is an excellent way to mark his or her backpack for easy identification. This works wonderfully when your child is still young and in a class where not everyone is necessarily able to read yet.

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• Always feeling groggy in the morning? Drink a glass of water before going to bed the previous night, as well as the first thing when you wake up. Our bodies dehydrate during the night and a good dose of H2O will make you feel bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

• Get dressed before you wake up the kids. That’s one thing less to stress about.

• Write down or draw pictures of the kids’ morning routine and put it up where they can see it. Many mommy bloggers claim that children are really great at following a list of instructions.

• Set a timer. A simple countdown is a great motivator, especially for slow breakfast eaters.

• Better yet, make a playlist exactly as long as you have to get ready. Everyone has to finish one task before the end of a song.

• Keep all your daughter’s hair stuff (brushes, rubber bands, etc) in the bathroom and do her hair while she brushes her teeth.

• Prepare everyone’s lunches the night before. You’ll be surprised at how long it takes to make five sets of peanut butter sarmies!

• Set up a morning ‘launch pad’ that houses everything needed to get out of the door.• To keep sliced apples from going brown during the day, sprinkle lemon juice over them and tie up the pieces with an elastic band.

• Freeze a wet sponge inside a ziplock bag to serve as ice pack for your lunch box. Or freeze your drinks the night before.

• If all the notebooks in your backpack look the same, mark the top corner of each book in a different colour so you can tell which ones they are at one glance.

• Keep some mint in your pencil case to help reduce headaches and increase concentration.

• Migraine coming up? Try drinking grape juice to stop it in its tracks.

• When studying, write down your notes in blue. Studies have proven than it is easier to remember things written in blue than black ink.

• When doing research for an assignment, instead of searching for information on Google, try for much better resources.


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