ISSUES AT STAKE: We need reinforcements on the crime fight front

EVEN the most placid and peace-loving of people would admit to getting some sort of inner satisfaction – even pleasure – at seeing an apprehended felon lying face down and handcuffed at the scene of a violent crime.

And if that crime happened to be something as atrocious as child rape, most would not be averse to seeing a fair amount of claret spilled on the sidewalk.

The fact is, we are all fed up with rampant crime and when there is a victory for the good guys, this is cause for rejoicing.

On the other side of the pendulum swing, bile rises in our throats when we hear and read (as in this edition) about jail breaks where criminals wanted for murder are able to escape from what should be highly secured premises.

We want our cops and prison wardens to be honest, alert and vigilant.

We want our courts to be fair and their punishments harsh.

We want bail to be tighter and fines to be bigger, especially when it comes to repeat offenders.

That’s not all we want.

We want the long-promised CCTV cameras to be installed and up and running asap.

Technology is arguably the biggest asset in the modern fight against crime. Just see how bombers are tracked in the UK through the CCTV network.

The delay in setting up the system in the City of uMhlathuze is unacceptable, especially since the private sector donated a good amount of funding at the outset.

We also want the return of the bicycle patrol project that so totally proved it’s worth a decade ago.

The memory of the well trained security officers silently winding their way along the town and township streets still lingers with anticipation.

In a nutshell: we want more peace of mind and less crime; less talking and more action.

Dave Savides

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