Celebrate life the funky way

Celebrate Hat Day on Friday

LIFE is short and time is of the essence, so why not make this week a ‘long weekend’ and celebrate funky and fun ‘holidays’ from today to Sunday.

Follow the listed below and celebrate something new every day.

• Today – positive thinking day

This day encourages people to deal with difficult situations in life with optimism and positivity, setting aside all negative thoughts and see that the glass is always half full.

Positive thinking can have many benefits, such as reducing stress and the risk of heart diseases, lower depression and increase lifespan.

How to celebrate

Think positive.

Make a conscious decision not to put yourself down every time you do something wrong.

Laugh as much as you can.

Do something nice for yourself, a loved one or a stranger.

• Thursday – hug your dog day

Created by canine behaviourist Ami Moore, the ‘holiday’ encourages dog owners to focus on their dogs’ health, safety and happiness.

The unofficial holiday celebrates the special bond between dogs and their owners.

The day also aims at creating a more dog friendly environment in urban areas.

How to celebrate

Take your dog for a long walk or to the park.

Treat them to their favourite treats.

If you have been thinking of bringing a dog in your life, take this day to visit your local shelter to see if you can adopt a dog.

Volunteer your time and money to your local dog shelter.

If you are a business owner, take steps to make your business more dog friendly.

• Friday – make a hat day

This aims to encourage people to look their very best by sporting a hat they made from scratch.

How to celebrate

Make hats using a variety of materials.

Wear a hat that you made to work.

Have a hat themed party, and have your guests come dressed in hats they have made, decorate the venue with hats and serve hat-shaped cupcakes.

Host a hat making party.

Hold a hat contest, for which everyone makes their own hat.

• Saturday – rock day

This day encourages people to learn more about geology.

Geology is the study of the Earth, its materials and the processes through which these materials are created.

How to celebrate

Take a walk and collect different kinds of rocks.

Learn more about the different types so that you can identify the types of rocks you just collected.

Paint the rocks and display them creatively.

• Sunday – international country music day

This day celebrates country music and the artists that produced it.

How to celebrate

Celebrate this musical ‘holiday’ by listening to all your favourite country music songs.

If you have never been introduced to this genre of music, today is the perfect reason to take some time off, put on your earphones and discover the wonderful, melodious world of country music.

Host a country music party at home and have your guests come dressed as their favourite country music artist.



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