Keep calm and save petrol

Since the rand’s recent fluctuations against the dollar, South Africans have been hit with massive increases
at the pumps and indications are that more fuel hikes are on the way.
According to the MD of Master Drive, Eugene Herbert, now might be a good time to pay a little more attention to eco-driving again.
‘On average you will see a reduction of up to 10% in petrol consumption.
‘Wear and tear on your fleet or your employees’ own cars will also decrease drastically,’ says Herbert, and has the following tips on how to start driving economically:
• Plan your route to avoid wasting petrol on longer routes or when you get lost.
• If conditions permit, drive with your windows closed – even with your aircon on, you can use less fuel.
• Do not speed, rather maintain a steady cruising speed.
• Avoid harsh acceleration.
• Avoid bringing your vehicle to a complete stop: anticipate light changes to minimise stopping.
• Vehicle maintenance also helps save on fuel.
• Do not skip services and when you service next time, use multi-grade oil as it reduces drag.
• Under inflated tyres use more petrol.
• Lastly, drive courteously because among other negative consequences, road rage will cause you to use more petrol.


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