Let your AVIS Van Rental work for you

Does the road you travel on a daily basis look like any of the following pictures?


For many Zululanders, these road conditions is an everyday reality – and justly so: the area is home to numerous industrial, mining and farming industries.

Gravel and sand roads require excellent driving skills – and a trustworthy 4×4 vehicle to do the job.

When you need a van the most

Working on a long term project that requires vehicles that can handle some heavy lifiting?

Whether you need a bakkie, van, truck or 4×4, let Avis Van Rental take the load off your mind.

If you need a long term vehicle, but want to avoid the risk of ownership and the hassle of finance, Avis Van Rental has the perfect solution for you.

Avis Van Rental offers great monthly rates, with a variety of options to suit your budget.

Just select the vehicle you’re looking for from Avis Van Rental’s extensive fleet.



Companies have the added option to open a 30-day interest free account with Avis Van Rental. Renting commercial vehicles is a viable business solution as it restricts capital expenditure and the monthly rental fee is deemed a legitimate operational cost.

Avis Van Rental is fully BEE-compliant (level 2), which means that companies can score a 125% recognition by renting a vehicle through Avis Van Rental.

Why purchase a van when you can rent it?

The benefits of renting commercial or delivery vehicles:

  • Overcome the stringent FICA and new Credit Act requirements
  • All vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained, therefore no maintenance responsibility
  • Monthly rental is an operating expense – a tax friendly consideration
  • Utilise your assets to the maximum, and rent only when you need the vehicle
  • Vehicles are only three years old / 120 000km, ensuring the newest models are available (trucks +5 years / 400 000km)
  • No capital outlay – keep the cash in your business
  • Risk of re-sale remains with Avis Van Rental
  • Trailer for rent assures you of a reliable service that meets your transport requirements every time.

Contact Avis Van Rental Richards Bay at 035 789 3097.

Mari Scott

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