Felixton woman assaulted in house robbery

Fiona Scheepers (5) had her glasses thrown off and broken during the assault PHOTO: Orrin Singh

A FELIXTON resident was left severely traumatised after she was assaulted by a robber during a break-in at her home on Wednesday morning.

Fiona Scheepers (56) told that ZO she was woken by a noise in her home.

‘I left my room to see what was going on. As I entered the passage I saw a guy in the lounge and I screamed.

‘He ran straight towards me, grabbed me around the neck and kept on telling me to shut up or he would kill me.

‘My glasses were thrown off during the altercation, so I couldn’t see properly,’ she said.

The suspect shoved Fiona into her room where he demanded she show him where ‘the cash’ was.

‘I pointed to my handbag. He then took me into my son’s room and made me lay face down on the floor.

‘I saw him pulling out my son’s toolbox and I thought he was going to find something to stab me with.

A crowbar found inside the home was used to break open the burglar bars
PHOTO: Orrin Singh

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‘But he then left me in the room and closed the door. After some time I couldn’t hear anything, so I got up and opened the door. He was gone.’

Upon arrival at the scene, the ZO found that the lock on the security gate at the back of the house had been broken.

Inside a crowbar was found near the back door, where the burglar bars on a window had been forced open.

A TV, PlayStation and cellphone were been taken during the robbery.

A neighbour told the ZO that a dark grey Isuzu bakkie was parked outside the home when he had left earlier.

‘I saw two guys sitting in the bakkie which had Durban number plates,’ he said.

According to Fiona she has had five previous attempted break-ins.

Police have opened a case of robbery and assault.


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