Bizarre ‘Get rich quick’ fails – and what really works

People have done crazy and stupid things to obtain money. But, history has taught us one lesson: that money comes – and sticks – to those who use their common sense, who plan it thoroughly and who manage it wisely.

Not like these poor souls:

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Poor old Pinocchio was really hard on cash. The sly fox and cat conned him into believing he could grow a money tree by ‘planting’ his gold coins in the ‘Field of Gold’.

Of course, Pinocchio didn’t get his money tree. His life savings were gone too – the fox and the cat made off with his coins after watching where he had buried them.

The ‘Magic Money Wallet’

Imagine you had a wallet that never runs out of money?

A growing gullible customer base is seeing adverts like these popping up everywhere:

‘The magic wallet has got strong customised powers to which place money in the wallet every time you want to spend. 

NOTE: Rituals are performed in the names of the person who is going to use this wallet, in other words, you cannot lend this wallet to anyone to use.’

Order your very own ATM (but Ts & Cs apply)

Email scams have robbed desperate people of millions.

According to one of the latest emails doing the rounds, your very own ATM is ready to be delivered at your doorstep.

All you have to do is refund a certain Mr. Larry Ellison, who was so kind as to pay the ‘delivery fee’, as well as your $2.5m ‘ATM Card’ which was about to ‘expire’.

Make Lady Luck you best friend

Gambling, especially if you depend on Lady Luck to finance your living expenses, is not only stupid, but downright dangerous.

Better not bring more ‘bad luck’ into the mix by doing the following (according to common gambling superstitions): Turning in your chair while playing, whistling during a game, crossing your legs or fingers while playing or playing against a pregnant woman.

Omens and Superstitions

Here are some of the most common superstitions about wealth:

  • Carrying sea salt in one’s pocket or wallet, or placing it in a bowl in one’s home or business will attract wealth.
  • Money attracts more money, so always keep a few bills in your wallet or bank account. Never completely empty it.
  • Placing an origami frog in your wallet will make ‘money return’ to you, according to Japanese folklore.
  • To this day, many Americans carry a rare $2 bill in their wallets for ‘good luck’.

Spend money to learn about money

Sounds foolish, doesn’t it? Yet, the ‘How to get rich’ market is a billion dollar industry.

‘Experts’ are making stacks of money by selling self-help books, seminars and ‘wealth coaching classes’ to poor people wanting to improve their lives.

Curses and sorcery

Sadly, many people fall for scams that take advantage of their traditional beliefs.

Scam artists would follow people from the bank or ATM, and touch them with a grease-like substance. A second person would then convince the victim that a ritual has to be performed so that his money is not ‘stolen with magic’. They would go to another location to perform the ritual, where the victim would be robbed.

In the ‘wash wash’ scam, the con artist would show the victim a pile of black papers, the size of normal bank notes. The victim is then persuaded to pay for ‘muthi’ that would wash the money clean, with a promise that he will share in the proceeds.

A real solution

Are you desperate for a financial solution?

Money & Legal Matters has been helping people out of their debt for the past 17 years.

Owner Anba ‘Paddy’ Padayachee said

Money & Legal Matters differ from other debt review companies in that they drastically reduce the client’s total debt, enabling the client to pay it off within an average of 18 months, at an affordable rate.

Money & Legal Matters help people to get their lives back on track.

We give them financial headway in life,’ he said.

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Wannita Smith

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