Empangeni business owner fed up with theft spree

Mr Ramchuran shows the ZO where certain parts of his truck had been stripped on Thursday evening by thieves - PHOTO: Orrin Singh

A DISGRUNTLED Empangeni business owner is at his wits’ end over the number of theft incidents on his property.

Owner of Umfolozi Hardware and Electrical Supplies, Harry Ramchuran, told the ZO that his property was damaged on Thursday evening as thieves removed a differential from one of his trucks before attempting to break down his wall to make off with the part.

‘I am simply tired of the crime in the area. How much more security upgrades can I do?

‘I already have cameras on my property and barbed wire fencing at the top of my walls. Previously flood lights were stolen. It’s getting too much now,’ said a despondent Ramchuran.

Members of VanDamme Security Services were alerted to the sounds of loud hammering in the vicinity and made their way to Ramchuran’s premises where they noticed that someone had tried to hammer down his wall to make off with the differential, which weighs in the region of 200kg.

The wall which the thieves attempted to break down to remove the stolen parts – PHOTO: Orrin Singh

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Ramchuran’s property accommodates other businesses which have also fallen victim to theft.

Ramchuran said he suspects a former employee is behind the recent spate of theft on his property and has provided police with this information, but claims police fail to conduct proper investigations and make arrests.

‘A member of the police told me that they only have one patrol vehicle available for the entire Empangeni area.

‘How is it possible that they only have one vehicle for this town?’

The ZO previously received reports about the shortage of patrol vehicles in the Empangeni area.

The police were not available for comment.

The differential that was removed from Ramchuran’s truck and left on the property after a local security company was alerted to the theft in progress


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