Make the most of your Sunday

The hours are ticking and soon your weekend will be over.

Here are four tips to make the most of your Sunday:

1. Manage your time wisely. Don’t waste half your Sunday by sleeping in and by 11am wishing you had planned something fun. Decide already on Saturday what you will be doing on Sunday. Have the car and picnic bag packed, wake up early and make sure everyone is out the house before a predetermined hour.

2. Nothing ruins a Sunday as much as realising your extended family expect of you to spend your day in front of the stove – solo – cooking a three course Sunday buffet… unless you really enjoy cooking. In the olden days, the women of the house used to prepare the bulk of their Sunday lunch on Saturday already, leaving just the roast to pop in the oven before they went to church. We could take a few pages from that book, or simply reserve a table at our favourite restaurant!

3. Having to do household chores on a Sunday really sucks. Try to have all the laundry, vacuuming and grass mowing done by the time Sunday arrives. Everyone deserves one day of not having to work!

4. Unless the actual plan is to spend the whole weekend cuddled up in front of the TV, watching sports or all your favourite series, be mindful of how much time the TV, PlayStation, laptop, tablet and cellphone is robbing you.

You’ve waited seven days for this weekend to come – make sure it’s not over before you know it!


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