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DEEPLY disturbing incidents of brazen sexual assault on young women in broad daylight, the abduction of another and the vanishing of a much loved University of Zululand student, sparked renewed waves of panic about safety and security in our city and the country at large.

The Zululand Observer was also approached by the family of a local woman who was allegedly recruited for a ‘working trip’ to Brazil, and never boarded her return flight.

Could highly organised human trafficking syndicates be picking off victims one by one without the slightest resistance from law enforcement, leaders and community watchdogs?

Are they methodically targeting small towns with little national prominence and few resources?

Who can be trusted? Who will be the voice of victims and families? Who will search for that one among thousands of missing persons in the face of adversity and apathy?Before the dawning of the worldwide web, social media and

YouTube, the media played a crucial role in unearthing crime, cover-ups, conspiracies and controversies, asking probing questions and demanding accountability from relevant authorities.

If a citizen could get no joy through the channels of justice and bureaucracy, there would be the recourse of getting the information into the hands of a reputable investigative journalist who could use the power of the pen to bring injustice to light.

Today, we live in a desensitised society where the most bizarre occult rituals, murder and even cannibalism are glorified, romanticised and made light of.

Massive commercially-focused media coverage of the gods and goddesses of Hollywood and the music industry are brainwashing hundreds of millions of followers into a cult of abject violence, perversity, sexualisation of children, dehumanisation and humiliation, all in the name of glamour and freedom.

Occult rituals
Katy Perry’s new hit ‘Bon Appetit’ is but one example, and is nothing less than a distasteful and horrifying reference to elite occult rituals and cannibalism which have become the new ‘in thing’.

CNN presenter Reza Aslan joined the feeding frenzy (pardoning the pun) when he consumed a human brain on TV during a ‘documentary’ about the Aghori religious sect in India.Politicians have been exposed as participating in ‘spirit cooking’ rituals on invitation of Yugoslavian-born Marina Abromovic, who is worshipped in elitist circles as a ‘performing artist’ using blood, semen, breast milk and urine as mediums.

Serious allegations of elite paedophile rings are ignored by law enforcement and mainstream media alike, while alternative media are branded as ‘fake news’.

Recently superstar ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johson made a ‘child molesting robot’ as a skid of an evil scientist competing for ‘The Most Evil Invention of the World.’

It would appear that true shepherds and watchdogs with teeth are becoming extinct and that the ‘sheeple’ are being devoured by the wolves.

Rachelle Breed

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