Despite the negative media #covfefe…

It is a vicious cycle. Many people are buried up to their heads in #covfefe and do not know how to get out of it. So they end up making more #cofveve to get rid of the first #covfefe that had gone bad, but then end up with even worse #covfefe that is completely out of their league and unmanageable.

The good news is: Money & Legal Matters can help you get rid of negative #covfefe. The company has been successfully helping thousands of Zululanders get out of debt since it opened its doors in Empangeni 17 years ago.

Owner Anba ‘Paddy’ Padayachee says Money & Legal Matters differ from other debt review companies in the fact that they drastically reduce the client’s total debt, enabling the client to pay it off within an average of 18 months, at an affordable rate.

‘We give them financial headway in life,’ he says.

Call them on 035 787 3461 or 071 698 6561 to make an appointment.



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Wannita Smith

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