Dam levels rise in most parts of Zululand

The overflowing Eshazi Dam outside eShowe PHOTOS: Larry Bentley

WHILE many people were displaced or suffered damage to property owing to the heavy rains over the weekend, the farming community rejoiced as the much-depleted farm dams filled up.

The rains will improve the water situation in the Zululand region as it moves into winter, but residents and water users are warned that the region is still in the grips of a drought.

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The northern parts of Zululand have not shown much improvement in dam levels, with the level of the Pongolapoort Dam standing at 40.3 percent.

This is lower than the previous week’s 40.5 percent and last year’s 43.8 percent of its full capacity.

Goedertrouw Dam was at 31 percent on Tuesday, with the level expected to increase slightly over the next few days

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Larry Bentley
Journalist / Editor: Agri Eco

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