Tuesday Life Hack: 10 Twitter life hacks you can probably do without

Everybody loves a good bargain so it’s not surprising that people from all over the world have been sharing their tips on how to economise. Most of these tongue-in-cheek suggestions serve as the perfect advice manual for those bad life choices that we often make.

Whether you’re looking to save time, save money or find solutions to some household problems, here are some tweets that can assist.

1. For those wardrobe malfunctions

2. Some hilarious cooking tips…at your own risk

3. When you don’t want to use any dishes

4. When you want to save on getting a braai grill

5. Who needs shelves when you can make them yourself

6. Two-in-one eating utensils

7. At the office when there are no spoons in sight

8. For the love of fashion and beauty

9. Those hot summer days will never be the same

10. Finally a solution for those irritating holes in your socks

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