Richards Bay floods cause much destruction at the SPCA

While the dog kennels did flood during yesterday's heavy rains, SPCA staff, inspectors and the chairman worked tirelessly to drain the flood waters PHOTOS: Sarel Small

YESTERDAY morning saw Richards Bay SPCA staff, inspectors and chairman desperately trying to hold back the flood waters intent on saturating all in its path, including dog kennels and staff quarters.

‘Thanks to Shelly Prinsloo and Jabu Mlondo, we managed to get rid of most of the flood water. All the animals are safe,’ reported SPCA Chairman Sarel Small on Sunday evening.

While Shelly and Jabu focused on the flooded staff quarters, Sarel scooped out the flood waters from the kennels.

The outside tea garden was a no-go area yesterday but at least the vegetation got a good soaking

‘Shelly and Jabu made holes in the pre-cast wall for the water to run out but the main problem at the staff quarters is that the entire roof needs to be replaced, and the doors also leak,’ said Sarel.

Scarcely able to get through each month’s normal running costs, the extra maintenance caused by the weekend’s flooding will set back the SPCA even more, financially.

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‘Another major problem is the drainage around the SPCA,’ said Sarel.

The staff quarters was the worst affected, as the deluge of water came through the leaking roof and doors

‘The swamp around the SPCA is full so the water cannot all drain out. The drains also cannot take all the water and water was coming out of the manholes’.

Richards Bay SPCA is appealing to any businesses or individuals willing and able to donate towards the cost of replacing the leaking staff quarters’ roof, or help with supplying materials.

The SPCA can be contacted on 035 753 2086.

Empangeni SPCA is closed to the public today owing to flooding.

While the waters were high, the food store remained dry during the worst of it


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