How an Empangeni man cleared half a million in debt

Nearly half a million Rand in the red, it would have taken him a lifetime to try and pay off this astronomical amount. And, due to a tarnished credit score, he still would never again have been able to buy a house for his family or replace an old car.

*Mr Abdul, desperate to take control of his life, saw a local newspaper advert for Money & Legal Matters, and approached owner Anba ‘Paddy’ Padayachee for help.

Money & Legal Matters managed to reduce Mr Abdul’s court judgement of around R500 000 to just below R80 000, with an affordable fixed monthly instalment of R1 500.

The best news is Mr Abdul’s name has been cleared. He is now free to buy a house for his family.

This is just one of Paddy’s many success stories, whose Empangeni based company, Money & Legal Matters, has been helping people out of their debt for the past 17 years.

Paddy says Money & Legal Matters differ from other debt review companies in the fact that they drastically reduce the client’s total debt, enabling the client to pay it off within an average of 18 months, at an affordable rate.

The problem with debt is that it quickly becomes unmanageable. Reckless lending to people who cannot afford it, has caused millions of South Africans to land in financial trouble.

‘Debt becomes a trap that most people don’t know how to get out of,’ says Paddy.

Money & Legal Matters help people to get their lives back on track.

‘We give them financial headway in life,’ he says.

Money & Legal Matters can change your life too!

Call them on 035 787 2461 to make an appointment.

*Not his real name

Wannita Smith

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