ISSUES AT STAKE: Even prophets are not above the law

Prophet Tim Omotoso of the Jesus Dominion International Ministry, who is alleged to have sexually abused dozens of young, vulnerable girls, has taken us many steps backwards.

His escapades are sub judice and one wouldn’t like to pre-empt the outcome of his case.

However, what is in the public domain so far is blood-chilling.

The exposé happens while the entire world is still reeling from the abduction by Boko Haram of the 276 Chibok girls from the Borno State in Nigeria.

One must hasten to dispel any notion that just because the prophet is also Nigerian, all Nigerians are child molesters.

That would be grossly unfair to the hardworking and law-abiding majority of Nigerians.

But, let’s face it, perceptions die hard.

The recent attacks in Pretoria West where Nigerians were accused of a plethora of misdeeds are still fresh in many locals’ minds.

Add to that the xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu-Natal and other places and you’ll understand how fragile relations are between foreign national and locals.

In many instances these unfortunate flare-ups of hostilities are fuelled by a genuine frustration of deferred promises.

However, sometimes these are caused by people such as prophet Omotoso.

Strides have been made in many communities to integrate foreign nationals, and those who have taken on this mammoth task into their hands must be commended.

Harmonious coexistence

Among many things, these communities have proven to all that harmonious coexistence is possible.

After all, this is the only Africa we know, the only Africa we have.

It is within this context that the prophet’s criminal actions should be viewed and understood.

No amount of money and papering over the cracks will adorn his character in white, clean robes.

The heavy hand of the law should be given space to play its role here.

It is time that spiritual leaders are reminded that they are not above the law. Their invocation of the name of the Lord when they know they have sinned is tantamount to blasphemy.

If our kings can be hauled to jail, there is no reason why spiritual leaders should be spared the same.

Our girls deserve peace, protection and – above all – to enjoy life without having to look over their shoulders for fear of the likes of errant prophets.

Paedophilia is a plague that should be rooted out of our communities at all costs.

We must all stand up and condemn the brutality meted out against our girls, irrespective of our spiritual persuasion.
The time to do that is now.


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