How to download a QR code scanner for smart phones


Did you know that by downloading a QR code scanner app on your smartphone, you can shop, browse, and even pay for purchases at till points?

Don’t feel left behind in the technology race, or be intimidated by these strange looking graphics that are popping up in so many places.

They are basically ‘instant links’ to web sites, payment methods and much more.


They are used easily and effectively by smart phone owners, who can install QR scanning apps to their handsets.

Once this is done, it’s simply a matter of opening the app, scanning the QR code you are interested in (which takes seconds) and browsing or shopping away.


Here’s a 3-step guide on how to be more tech-savvy:

Step 1: Open your App store or Google Play store.


Step 2: In the ‘Search’ window, enter ‘QR Scanner’


Step 3: Click Install

And there you go!  Welcome to a whole new world within the digital realm.


Wannita Smith

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