Port authority prepares to salvage sunken boat

SAPS ORS members pull the submerged boat to a nearby quayside on Sunday

THE Transnet National Ports Authority is hoping improved wind conditions forecast for Saturday will finally permit the removal of a boat that sank early on Sunday morning at the Tuzi Gazi Small Craft Harbour.

TNPA stated the owner has been informed and the cause of the incident will be investigated once ‘Wagtail’ has been successfully salvaged.

‘Wagtail’ was found already submerged at the Tuzi Gazi marina on Sunday morning

SAPS Operational Response Services divers were called in on Sunday to confirm no victims were on board, before moving the boat to a nearby quayside where a crane stands ready to do the ‘heavy lifting’.

A small amount of diesel leakage was in evidence, but there was no obstruction to regular vessel traffic.

Police members prepare to ‘dive in’ to ensure no one was on board the boat



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