Holiday weekend blown away

Early winter arrived abruptly, spoiling the long weekend plans for locals and the many visitors who travelled to the coast hoping to enjoy the ocean and sunny skies.
Number one casualty was the annual Richards Bay Ski Boat Club Fishing Bonanza with deep-sea boats, unable to leave the harbour owing to the raging southwester that churned up the sea.
Another victim of the foul weather was the annual Inhaca Island Cruise with the small fleet that entered returning to the Zululand Yacht Club after the event was called off.
Lifeguards at Alkantstrand also reported few bodies on the beach – for which they were thankful as spring tide sea conditions were extremely treacherous.
At the time of going to press on Sunday, conditions appeared to be improving, giving hope that at least Monday would give opportunity for some recreational fun.

Mia Moorcroft

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