Alarm raised about bogus cash collectors

Tenants and shoppers must be vigilant and not fall prey to the latest scams, especially as we enter the busy April retail season, urges Boardwalk Inkwazi Shopping Centre security spokesperson Louis le Grange.

This follows a warning issued by cash service company SBV, stating that criminals are now posing as cash-in-transit collection officers.

‘From fake bank emails to skimming credit cards and phone calls from people pretending to be someone else to obtain sensitive information, misdirection and illusion are some of the most significant tools criminals use to set up their thefts,’ SBV said.

‘This tactic has now extended to bogus cash collections from criminals who pose as cash-in-transit guards to get access to cash and valuables.’

SVB shared tips on how to know if a cash collection is legitimate or fake:

Confirmation process

Cash collection companies have a very specific process for notifying their clients about when they will be collecting an installment of cash.

Even the smallest deviation in the process of notification (too soon, too early or not done using the usual channels) should set off alarm bells for retailers.

Keep it quiet

Any information about an upcoming cash collection should not be shared with any employees who do not have clearance, and should definitely not be shared with any members of the public.

Check guards’ identification

Guards should have clearly visible branding on their clothes and should be able to show identification that confirms they are the people who are expected for the pickup.

All identification should be checked before the guards are taken to an area where cash is being held.

If things are not in order, the cash-in-transit company’s main control room should be contacted before any further collection steps are taken.

These simple tools can go a long way in helping retailers stay on the front foot and not become victims of ever-evolving criminal scams, making the upcoming Easter holiday season profitable and not problematic.

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