Restoring family morals is crucial

THE recent release of high school pregnancy statistics for our district brings to the forefront a very serious social issue.

Our young generation – the generation that carries all our future hopes and dreams – is being let down by a gaping chasm of solid mentorship and leadership on the home front.

Hundreds of thousands of children are growing up without morals that are passed on through generations of families, from father to son, from mother to child, because they are simply absent.

The babies born to those 746 schoolgirls last year will, in most cases, have no parental structure.

Born to mothers who are teenagers with little or no education prospects, these babies will be raised by overburdened and financially hog-tied gogos.

They will join their cousins, who are being raised by an elder family member because their mothers live wherever they can earn a meager income.

The fathers will, in most cases, be wholly absent and will provide no emotional support and very little financial support.

These beautiful young girls – who have more opportunities today than ever before – will not graduate from high school, and will not be prized brides in morally upstanding families.

Parents and girls must be the change to achieve their dream.

They simply must be the generation that changes the socio-economic norms of this country.

We simply cannot accept that this is the acceptable future of so many young men and women, and we must bring morality back into our family homes.

Laurie Smith

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