Mzingazi teen’s joyride ends abruptly

A MZINGAZI teen on Tuesday felt the full extent of his mother’s wrath after he stole her car and took it for a joyride instead of going to school.

The 16-year-old was apprehended an hour after Richards Bay Police Colonel Mazibuko requested assistance from the Meerensee CPF (Community Police Forum) in searching for the vehicle after the boy’s mother reported it stolen.

‘At about 8.40am we got a call from Colonel Mazibuko who asked for our help in searching for a stolen Audi A4,’ said David Pretorius, a CPF patroller who was involved in the search.

‘We dispatched four patrol vehicles and, about 40 minutes later, Melinda Ashington, one of our patrollers, identified the vehicle at Spar in Meerensee and notified the rest of us’.

Within minutes, Pretorius and other CPF members Peter Daniels and Tony Paulo joined Ashington on the scene, boxing in the teenager and his mother’s vehicle. The boy attempted to flee but was apprehended.

Colonel Mazibuko was notified of the apprehension and the boy’s mother arrived shortly thereafter.

‘She chose not to lay charges against her son, but gave him a severe talking to before taking him home,’ said Pretorius.

When asked his motive for stealing his mother’s car, the boy said he felt like going for a drive and had planned to buy alcohol.

Two misdemeanors may have been evaded, but the teenager did not escape scot-free.

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