Tuesday Life Hack: 10 hacks for the household

The internet is full of creative tricks designed to make your life easier. In this edition of Tuesday Life Hack, we take a look at some creative solutions from all over the internet that will make running the household a bit easier.

Here are ten life hacks that will change the way you do things around the house:

1. An oldie but a goodie

2. How do you differentiate between keys?

3. Folding bed sheets by yourself?

4. Does the container not fit into the sink?

5. Crunchy taco shells?

6. It’s hard to see all your clothes sometimes if they’re all stacked

7. Power chords can be a nightmare to organise but not anymore

8. Ever wondered how to evenly heat food in the microwave?

9. The wonders of vinegar

10. When water boils over…

Sources: Tumblr Life Hacks and Reddit Life Hacks.

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