Buying a home is not just about pretty pictures

When searching for a new home,  there are certain factors that will influence your decision.

The decision to buy property is one not to be taken lightly and  certainly cannot be based on a few photoshopped images.

Where you choose to live is affected by factors such as:

  • Schools: We provide you with information about schools, which schools are excelling, what sport days are happening and what you can look forward to at a school in your area.
  • Shops: Shopping facilities are an important component in every community. Luckily we have you covered. We have relationships with all local retailers in your area and can provide knowledgeable advice.
  • Safety: Which are the safe areas? You can always check out the crime coverage in the Zululand Observer to get an up-to-the minute account of any safety concerns in your community.
  • Medical facilities: Your health and access to healthcare is one of the most important factors when deciding where to live. We have the information.
  • Leisure: Thinking of relaxing and taking some time off your work week. Looking for fun activities to do with your family on the weekend? All you have to do is pick up your copy of the Zululand Observer, or check out our online entertainment section.
  • Parks: Open spaces for people to relax in, walk their dogs and enjoy our outdoor environment are an important part chilled village. Our coverage ensures you are well informed about the best areas to frequent.
  • Public transport: The Zululand Observer is always on top of any developments, safety concerns, and improvements made to public transport in your area.

Zululand Observer Homes is unlike any property portal in South Africa. The Zululand Observer has for many decades provided the public with useful information to make informed decisions about you and your family’s future.

What makes our property portal different?

  • We display your properties and property agents locally, allowing you to find what you need, where you need it.
  • It comes with a host of new and exciting features, and more importantly maximum local exposure, within a rich content environment aimed at local communities.
  • We offer a very attractive introductory advertising package, which will only be available for a limited period.
  • There are unlimited ‘For Sale’ and ‘Rental’ listings on your Zululand Observer Homes website.
  • Branches and agents are positioned locally and have their own property pages for easy reference to buyers or sellers.
  • For years agents have ensured that through local media they keep themselves visible. With our hyperlocal websites, agents can now advertise in their local community newspaper, as well as on our homes.zululandobserver platform.
  • A unique enquiry form which rates the quality of properties on a 5-star rating system, allows agents to identify hot prospects.
  • The enquiry form also allows users to indicate whether they have a property to sell or let, and the agent is immediately notified when details are uploaded.
  • Property notifications emailed directly to the user if they cannot find a particular type of property at the time.
  • Agents can benefit from receiving good quality leads as the users can indicate the following information which is included in the enquiry sent:
  1. Affordability (by using our very user-friendly affordability calculator).
  2. If they have a property for rental or for sale.
  3. Interest in a property currently being advertised for rental or for sale.

Don’t get lost in a national portal. We know the community in which you are considering to make your  home.

Make an informed decision about where you want to live!

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