Complain to the right people

FACEBOOK is a wonderful multimedia tool enabling us, among others, to keep in touch with friends and family and as a marketing mechanism.

What bugs me is when people use it as a means to slate others, and then of course ‘friends’ all get on the bandwagon, even when the information is incorrect.

Bad news is always better and travels faster!

Such was the case when a Facebook friend posted about the bad state of affairs in Empangeni – overgrown pavements, potholes, rubbish and so on.

All this I agree with, but where I disagree is that you bring our local community newspaper into it, saying that the ZO should do something about it – with of course some other unnecessary comments added.

The ZO is a ‘news’paper – it reports on news in the area – it is not the vehicle to sort out municipal incompetencies.

This is what you have ward councillors for – you voted these people in to represent you on the council.

Why don’t you complain to your councillor – he is your representative and way of bringing issues to the attention of the municipality.

If you aren’t happy with this person’s performance or ability to do the job, then take it up with him/her, not the ZO. What would you actually like the newspaper to do?

So ‘friend’, put the blame where the blame is due, and who should do the job they were voted to do – contact your ward councillor/representative.


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