No-care attitude about wasted water

Slow reaction to thousands of litres of water going to waste

EARLY in the morning (last week) I reported a serious water leak in Alton to the municipality.

Before 7am I was told that plumbers were already notified and had been sent out.

At about 7.30am l stopped at a traffic vehicle opposite Dendustri to ask the officers to call out someone.

I was told in no uncertain terms that ‘this is a traffic vehicle, not a water department car’.

How hard would it have been for them to radio the fire station to pass on the message?

I then called the Zululand Observer just before 8am and was given a cell number to call.

After speaking to the person, who also promised action, I received a call at 8.05am and was told somebody was on the way.

Vehicle V1213 drove past at 8.17am without even looking at the water.

V1172 pitched at 8.30am sharp to attend to the problem.

How many thousands of litres was lost?

We really cannot afford this kind of waste because of people’s no-care attitudes – especially municipal employees.


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