Panga attack survived

Isaac Ludick lies in the ICU ward at Life Empangeni Private Hospital after he sustained major injuries when three intruders entered his home PHOTO: Orrin Singh

HE fought for his life as the panga-wielding intruders delivered hefty blows to his head, arms and back.

Yet Isaac Ludick (54) did not fall to the ground as he feared for the life of his girlfriend who had passed out in their bed due to the shock and injuries she sustained.

Isaac and his girlfriend, Louise du Plessis (36), had no time to gather their thoughts on Tuesday evening when three intruders smashed through their front door and made a beeline towards them.

The couple, who reside on a smallholding at Eindhoek Suiker, 15 kilometres outside Empangeni, were critically injured in what has been deemed a revenge attack after an on-going labour dispute between Isaac and a former employee.

Speaking to the ZO from the ICU ward at the Life Empangeni Private Hospital, a distraught Isaac detailed the events that transpired on that evening.

The panga wielding suspects delivered a number of serious blows to Isaac’s head, arms and back – PHOTO: Orrin Singh

Isaac said he recognised one of the intruders, who attempted to conceal their identity with masks.

‘I knew the one guy because he was a former employee of mine.  I opened a case against him a while ago after I found out that he had stolen tools from me,’ he said.

Isaac noted that as he fought two of the intruders, the other stood aside holding up his phone, presumably filming the events that were unfolding or taking pictures.

‘They had already hit Louise and she passed out on the bed. I was afraid they would rape her or do something else to her and that’s why I fought so hard.’

Some heavy bruising sustained during the fight – PHOTO: Orrin Singh

After wrestling for some 15 minutes, Isaac’s Neighbour, Mario Wehncke,
came to the rescue.

‘Mario heard me calling for help and he rushed to my house. When they guys heard him shouting outside they ran away.

‘They also took our phones and wallets before they left,’ he said.

Labour dispute

According to Isaac, one assailant had worked for him about a year ago.

He said that one day he took some of his tools and never returned to work thereafter.

‘I opened a case at the Empangeni Police Station but they said that was not their jurisdiction and sent the docket to the KwaMbonambi Police Station.

‘I never heard anything from the police after that.’

While he admitted he is lucky to be alive, 54 year old Isaac Ludick, fought two of the intruders for some 15 minutes and has the scars to prove it – PHOTO: Orrin Singh

Isaac sustained critical damage to the tendons in his fingers but doctors were able to work quickly in an attempt to restore mobility to his hands.

He irritably lambasted the police who he said failed to respond to a number of incidents in the area.

‘I had my generator stolen previously and although I reported it to the police they never once came to investigate.’

Meanwhile Larry Erasmus of Farmwatch (Security4-U) issued a statement to the ZO regarding the incident

‘We wish the couple a speedy recovery.

‘Although they are not affiliated with us, we will do everything in our power to assist with this case.

‘Should anyone find themselves in a difficult situation please feel free to contact our Control Room on 086 1144111,’ said Erasmus.


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