Love is worth the wait

Abdul Mthembu (50) with his partner for 34-years, and now his wife, Fikile Mavis Mthembu

THIRTY-four year since he met his partner, Abdul Mthembu (50) from Nongoma area finally married his high school sweetheart – proving love is worth the wait.

With February the month of romance, Abdul is celebrating love, a new marriage, family and long lasting dream of making the mother of his children his wife.

According to Abdul, it was always his mother’s dream for him to have a bride, however, due to financial constraints the dream had to take a back seat.

This love story started back in high school in the 1980’s where he met his Fikile.

‘I loved her then, like I do now,’ he said.

When they first met, Abdul was only 16 years old and soon after they met, the couple was blessed with their first born son.

‘We had great times together and I knew one day I wanted to make her my wife,’

However, due to family problems and financial constraints, Abdul had to focus on finding work and support his growing family.

‘I made a promise to her that one day she will be my wife, but with our family growing, I had to focus on raising our children and giving them a bright future.’

The dream of seeing her walking down the aisle was always there.

This loving man spent almost two decades, saving money for lobola and other traditional ceremonies – constantly reminding his now wife that ‘the dream was still alive’.

‘Sometime women don’t believe us, but I am so blessed my wife believed in me. When I promised to marry her, she never doubted me and over the years treated me with love, respect and r loyalty,’

More than 30 years later, when their three sons were old enough, Abdul surprised his partner with a marriage proposal and finally got a chance to fulfil his dream.

‘Family, friends and my wife’s congregation assisted us because I didn’t want to spend another moment without calling her my wife,’ said Abdul.

With Tuesday being Valentine’s Day, Abdul advises young couples to have patience, respect and trust for each other.

‘Love can conquer everything, even if it takes you years to get married but if you have love for one another nothing can break you apart,’


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