Parents on warpath over gymslip sex allegations

ALLEGATIONS of sexual relations between learners and teachers were thrown at Mpephose High School at Emakhwezini, near Heatonville, this week.

Learning and teaching at the school came to a halt after members of the community attacked school authorities and forced pupils out of their classrooms.

The gate of the school was also destroyed when parents forced entry into the school premises on Monday.

‘While we respect the parents’ desire for quality education for their children, we would advise that teaching and learning at the school should not be disrupted,’ said IFP KZN education spokesperson, Thembeni KaMadlopha-Mthethwa.

It’s been reported that community members are demanding that the school Principal, SG Malema, be removed as they allege that he has ignored acts of misconduct by his teachers, which include sexual relationships with learners and the promotion of learners who do not pass their exams.

‘It is troubling that the principal of the school is allegedly protecting those teachers involved in affairs with schoolgirls.

‘If this is found to the true, severe action must be taken against the principal,’ said KaMadlopha-Mthethwa.

A meeting between parents, school authorities as well as tribal authorities was meant to be held on Tuesday to address some of the allegations.

But the meeting did not take place as the parents were told they were not allowed to conduct the meeting on the school premises.

‘Two things have become popular and have had a massive effect on the prevalence of sexual misconduct in schools – social media and text messaging,’ said KaMadlopha-Mthethwa.

‘Classroom sexual predators have been exploiting these new unsupervised modes of communication to develop improper relationships with students out of sight of parents and principals.

‘These instantaneous, omnipresent and discreet connections have created an open gateway for inappropriate behaviour.

‘To curb these troubling incidents, schools must have targeted policies governing electronic communication,’ KaMadlopha-Mthethwa said.

Police have since been called upon to monitor the situation in the area.

Last year the school was cast into the spotlight after one of the teachers meted out corporal punishment to learners.


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