Thumbs up for drug busters

IF we are to rid the city of drug peddlers, more impromptu busts by police must be carried out.

Well done to the cops and various units involved in the operation that swooped on a drug manufacturing kitchen and brothel in Arboretum on Friday night.

It’s scary to know what is happening behind closed doors in our suburbs. This is how the drug scourge is penetrating schools and quiet neighbourhoods.

We need more members of the public to come forward exposing these operations, but we also need honest men and women in blue, who will work together with communities to fight this evil.

Drugs have the power to rip families apart and destroy the lives of youngsters. Despite not having a specialised drug unit, it is commendable that our local units mobilised an impromptu buy-bust, which led to the arrest of one local resident and one Nigerian.

This type of arrest sends a strong message to drug lords that there will be no mercy for offenders and that authorities are determined to rid the city of drugs.

It won’t happen overnight, but this is a step in the right direction.

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