An agent programme that is changing lives

Each Arthur-Ford agent effectively starts his or her own business.

If you’re looking for affordable premium quality cosmetic and beauty products, then Arthur-Ford Superior is the brand for you.

Arthur-Ford offers a wide range of luxury, stylishly packaged fragrances and cosmetics that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Specialising in perfumes, Arthur-Ford boasts a line of over 60 different fragrances for both men and women.

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Along with these perfumes, Arthur-Ford offers a full range of personal care products, such as roll-ons, body lotions, body washes, hand and nail creams, facial creams and facial wash, as well as cosmetics such as mascara, lipsticks and nail polishes.


Why not treat the love of your life to a special Arthur-Ford gift set for Valentine’s Day?

The set consists of a perfume, matching body lotion, body wash and roll-on, topped up with a free pair of stylish Arthur-Ford branded sunglasses.


The company started out as a Durban-based family business in 2013, and with the help of its agents, great marketing and quality products, the business has grown rapidly and exponentially.

There are currently over 40 agent depots across the country – and this number is growing rapidly.

Locally, there are already hundreds of agents selling Arthur-Ford products.

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Indeed, Arthur-Ford is changing the lives of many South Africans.

It costs a mere R825 to become an agent – and this fee includes stock.

‘Our agents range from students trying to pay fees, pensioners trying to put food on the table, single mothers in rural areas trying to make extra money to provide for her family and even aspiring young entrepreneurs who are establishing successful retail businesses in the marketplace,’ enthuses Lennon Rangasamy of Arthur-Ford.

‘Arthur Ford has given all these people a chance at financial independence in a struggling economy and job market.


‘By offering bulk pricing, we offer our agents the opportunity to sell our products at a profit, whether at home, at work or in the marketplace. Each agent effectively starts his or her own business.’

This business model makes Arthur-Ford stand out from similar retailers in shopping centres.

If you are interested in becoming an agent – or for a convenient online shopping option, visit their website


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