Spill the beans on cattle killers

Reaction to reports on the cruel killing of cattle in the grazing area of Mandlanzini has been unanimous in its condemnation of the act.

Taking away the prosperity and prospective income of the owners is no different to stealing a bank card and withdrawing all the money from an ATM.

Added to the financial loss is the fact many owners and herders have close bonds with their animals – each probably has a name it responds to.

The latest incident – this was by no means the first of its kind – has the potential to spark a ‘war between neighbours’.

And when the neighbours are mainly of differing races, the possibility of violent conflict is heightened.

Thus, this is no longer a matter between the shooter/s and the owners; it could affect many people who want to enjoy harmonious relationships with their fellow South Africans.

The culprits are causing distrust and jeopardising good relationships for all of us.

Thankfully, the cattle farmers of Mandlanzini have held out an olive branch.

They are seeking peaceful resolution to this issue, with a view to long-term harmony.

At this point we also applaud the intervention and mediation of City of uMhlathuze Mayor Mdu Mhlongo and his Council in their call for calm.

However, there must be many people who know who these shooters are – it is simply not possible for if to not be known among a fairly wide circle of people.

In fact, we would be surprised if there is not somebody ‘out there’ who openly boasts about what they did.

Since they are not likely to come forward of their own accord, law abiding citizens with knowledge of who did it, should search their collective conscience and come forward.

Perhaps the police could offer a reward as an inducement for witness statements.

Information from whistle blowers can be used to secure a prosecution, while their names are kept anonymous.

We don’t need this kind of person in our society, whether they are evil or simply short-sighted as to the harm they have caused.

Next time it could be a human life that is lost.

Spill the beans, peace loving residents.

Dave Savides

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