Four metre python mistaken for log

A HUGE, pregnant four-metre African Rock Python left a Richards Bay family stunned when they discovered it at their Moeras Ruiter, Birdswood home.

According to Quintin Pinchin, at around 8:30pm his wife Diane alerted him to what she thought was a snake on their driveway.

‘The dogs were going crazy; my wife called me showed me what I thought looked like a log lying across the driveway.

‘She was convinced it was a snake.’

Quintin then saw the ‘log’ move, much to his disbelief.

He admitted Diane’s suspicions were correct, it was in fact a slithering snake; however he underestimated the size of it.

‘Due to the light, I thought that all the shadows were making it look bigger.

‘I grabbed a torch, put on boots – in case of a strike – and when I got to the garden bed I noticed the size of the snake by the sheer size of its head – the size of a driver golf club head.’

Quintin immediately hushed his dogs inside his home, together with his wife and two sons.

‘I sent a notification on our Birdswood CPI group on WhatsApp alerting them to, what at the time looked like a three-meter python in my garden.

‘Responses immediately came in to contact local snake catcher, Zephian Alberta, who was on the scene within 10 minutes.’

By then Quintin’s neighbour Ivan Jacobs and CPI colleague Tawfeeq Pringle had arrived to assist – and possibly get a good glimpse at the unexpected visitor.

Quintin noted that whilst in the garden bed the python was calm and made no attempt to strike at them or flee.

‘Zephian arrived and the capture commenced.

‘The funny part is that the box Zephian arrived with was too small so we emptied goods from a large container which then became the python’s home for the night.’

When the ZO questioned Quintin on how he felt about his unusual ordeal with nature he responded:

‘From a personal perspective, during summer, with urbanization and the drought, snakes are far more prevalent and residents are to remain vigilant.

‘If snakes are noticed, especially highly venomous or large, please contact the registered snake catchers in your area; they are responsible citizens who have snakes relocated rather than killed.

Quintin’s sons, both being avid wildlife lovers, were too keen to have photos taken with the snake after its safe capture.

The soon-to-be mother was relocated and safely released.


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