Full moon spring tide warning

NSRI are urging boaters, paddlers, kite-boarders and stand up paddle boarders to carry cellphones, with fully charged batteries, in water tight plastic sleeves, and with the NSRI's 'RSA SAFETRX' free app downloaded onto their cellphones - PHOTO: Orrin Singh

TOMORROW will see strong rip currents as the spring tide peaks with the emergence of the full moon.

As a result the NSRI have issued a reminder to beach goers and bathers to be extremely careful.

‘Spring tides happen twice every month, at full moon and at new moon, and bring higher than normal high tides, lower than normal low tides and stronger than normal rip currents around the coastline.

‘The full moon spring tide is now in its full intensity, peaking tomorrow and gradually lessening in intensity towards about Monday,’ said the NSRI.

The NSRI emphasised that rip currents are at their strongest when the high tide has already peaked and is dropping towards low tide.

‘Anyone visiting beaches from today will notice that the twice daily high tides are higher than normal, and the twice daily low tides lower than normal.

The NSRI was concerned about this weekend as hot weather will bring more people to the beaches.

The NSRI have released a few safety tips to take note of:

• Go to beaches only where and when lifeguards are on duty and swim between the safe demarcated swimming zones that lifeguards post at beaches using their red and yellow flags.

• Paddlers and boaters should download the free app RSA Safetrx to their cellphones. This enables them to indicate they have an emergency with the push of a button, giving sea rescue their exact location.

For more information visit www.nsri.org.za.


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