Police issue new crime alert

THE King Cetshwayo Cluster, under the command of Major General Mzikayifani Zondi, has warned residents to remain cautious and vigilant of people who attempt to gain access to homes under false pretenses.

On Monday the ZO received reports of five men who tried to gain access to a property in Paul Avenue by pretending to be delivering furniture.

The suspects harassed the domestic worker who was alone in the house at the time over the intercom and insisted they had to deliver furniture to the home.

After explaining that she will not open the gate, the men left, but returned some 20 minutes later pretending to be police officers who had a warrant to search the property.

Scared and threatened, the worker locked herself in one of the rooms in the house, armed the security beams and called the owner.

Shortly after doing so, one of the men jumped over the wall and approached the home, but triggered the alarm before fleeing the scene with his accomplices.

Empangeni SAPS spokesperson Captain Mbongeni Mdlalose noted that the public should not open their gates for anyone before ensuring their legitimacy.

‘There are some people who disguise themselves as goods deliverers, plumbers, electricians, police officers and even department officials.

‘They come to the houses while the owners are not present and tell the domestic worker that they are from a certain company or department in the hopes of gaining access to the home.’

Mdlalose said the public should inquire about a police appointment certificate if ever suspicious of those pretending to be police officers.

‘Police wear blue uniforms and drive marked police vehicles. They carry police appointment certificates which he/she need to produce at all times in the execution of their duties.’

Mdlalose further issued safety tips pertaining to stokvel clubs and vacant houses that the public should adhere to:

Stokvel Clubs

• Transfer money into members’ bank accounts.
• Request local police to patrol the vicinity of the venue where they make payments.

Vacant Houses

• Do not leave your house unattended
• Switch on the alarm system
• Anyone leaving their homes over the holiday period can report the fact at their nearest police station so that they are aware and alert if anything occurs during the homeowner’s absence.

• Police emergency numbers – 10111 and 086 001011. Cell phone users dial 112. The Empangeni SAPS community service centre number – 035 9015833/5815.


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