TIPS: How to survive Black Friday

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WHEN it comes to shopping on one of the busiest bargain-hunting days of the year, it is best you be extra prepared.
Here are some tips you can take all the way to the checkout this year.

Do research ahead of time

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Come up with a game plan and stick to it.
Find out exactly which stores are having specials, where they’re located and which ones you’ll be visiting first.
You don’t want to walk the length of the shopping centre three times dodging heavy traffic flow.

Begin today

Christmas shopping
Black ‘Friday’ tends to creep earlier and earlier into the week each year.
Discount devotees recognize this and spring into action before the masses.
Take advantage of this, and if need be, contact the various stores to make sure before you take an unnecessary trip.

Use discount cards

Store sales are only one part of the equation; if you combine those sales with discounted gift cards, you advance to the next level of savings.

Take advantage of technology

Your smartphone is good for more than just venting about long lines on Facebook.
Turn it into a shopping tool to boost your savings even higher.
Stay up to date with specials by visiting the various stores’ social media pages. You never know what you may discover at the last minute.

Work as a team

Excited Shopping Woman
From designated driver to designated shopper – if your friends and family are also into Black Friday, consider a divide-and-conquer strategy.
Make a rough list of what you’re looking for, split up and hunt!
Stay in touch by sending photos or item descriptions to make sure you have found exactly what you desire.

Keep yourself fuelled

Shopping can take a lot out of you physically, and marathon shopping of the Black Friday caliber can easily make you tired and testy, especially if you kicked off in the wee morning hours.
Refuel with a light snack or keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Make it fun

Dealing with long lines, harried crowds and stressed-out cashiers can be a nightmare if you don’t go into it with the right mindset. So, do what you can to make the day enjoyable.
Shop with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, and use the long waits as a chance to catch up.
Or treat yourself to your favourite sweet treat after your successful shop

Avoid the stores and shop online

Why wait for Cyber Monday when more and more Black Friday deals are going online?
But first make sure the specials in-store are applicable online before scrapping the idea.

Skip it altogether

While Black Friday is one of the most hyped shopping days of the year, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to participate to get the biggest bang for your buck.
You could always go in on Saturday, as the shops are bound to be dead quiet while shoppers rest after their long day of bargain hunting.

Amy Jenkins

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