Flamboyant Ben 10 has style

HIS top notch fashion style is what sets him apart from other taxi drivers.

Dlozi ‘Ben 10’ Nene always steps out in funky style, and aim to change perceptions about taxi drivers.

This flamboyant driver from eSikhaleni will represent the region during the national South African Taxi Industry (SATI) awards in Johannesburg next month.

He was selected among the best dressed drivers from KZN.

The selection came a month after he was awarded the Most Presentable Driver of the Year during the SATI’s in the Ubunye region.

‘I love myself and always want to look good when I am at work. Image is everything, and if we want to change how people look at the taxi industry we should also change and look professional,’ he said.

When you first meet Ben 10, his fashion sense and style is evident.

This colourful but down-to-earth driver, originally from eNquthu, is always dressed in formal wear which includes tailor-made suits, funky shirts and waistcoats and even imported Italian shoes.

‘I want to encourage others to take what they do seriously. It doesn’t matter what you do, but what is important is how your represent yourself,’

‘If we look good people will take us seriously and treat us with respect. But it’s not just about the looks, it’s also more about how you behave in public and treat commuters. If you are well dressed, the behaviour also change and you start treating others well,’

Ben 10 continues to be a great example and needs your votes to come back with the national title.

To support Ben 10 you can SMS ‘Dlozi Nene, ETA, NUF 53748’ to 33103.


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