Robbers storm Richards Bay home

A BRACKENHAM family lost R100 000 worth of jewellery, two television sets, cell phones, a laptop and a vehicle during a house robbery on Thursday evening.

Six criminals drove into the Cinnamon Crescent driveway at 7.30pm and stormed into the premises where a front door had been left open.

According to the homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, she had been sitting in the living room with her frail and sickly father, contemplating taking him to a doctor in the suburb.

‘Six men exited the green Honda Ballade and ran into the house before I could even try to close the door.

‘I screamed but they ordered us to lie on the floor and they proceeded to look for the rest of the family members.

‘They demanded keys for the safe, money and jewellery; it was clear they were looking for guns.

‘After ransacking the premises they emptied all our jewellery boxes, took the safe which had jewellery I had inherited from my mother as well as my father’s firearm and our belongings.’

They locked the five family members and their domestic worker in a room and fled in one of the family’s Audi A4.

Angered by the incident, the woman said she complied with the criminals only to get them out of her house as quickly as possible for fear they would try to assault her two daughters.

‘During this ordeal I realised how quickly lives can be altered by a violent act such as a rape and I would rather replace 20 years of accumulation of possessions than put my children through such a life changing experience.’

Conelia Harry

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