WATCH: Croc grabs family pet dog at Lake St Lucia

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SHOCKING footage of a family’s pet dog being eaten by a crocodile in St Lucia was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

The video, uploaded by Danielle Davenport, shows two dogs frolicking in shallow water at Lake St Lucia, apparently excited by the hippos lazing nearby.

One of the dogs unknowingly strays too close to a submerged croc, and within seconds he is dragged underwater as his companion stands by barking in vain.

‘This unfortunate incident took place because the animals were not on leashes,’ said iSimangaliso Wetland Park in a post on Facebook.

‘Visitors must please note the warning signage about the presence of potentially dangerous wildlife such as hippo, crocs and sharks.

This part of the park offers open access to all visitors including their animals, but these should always be on leashes.’

Davenport was part of a film crew for Makhulu Productions, and says she was unsure whether or not to post the video, but in the end felt it could serve as an educational tool.

WARNING: The footage in the video below is NOT for sensitive viewers:

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