Four common questions about car license renewals

Don't wait until the last minute - an early renewal could save you a headache and fines

ZULULANDERS have over the past few weeks repeatedly expressed their frustration with the licensing offices at Richards Bay, with long queues and lack of communication adding fuel to the fire.

With that in mind, we decided to take a look at four of the most frequently asked questions about renewing your vehicle’s licence.

Howard Dembovsky, Chairman of Justice Project South Africa, answers top questions regarding vehicle licence-renewals, posed to him by Wheels24.

1. I didn’t receive a licence-renewal notice, why is that?

JPSA: ‘While the RTMC Act does not place a duty on it to send out licence renewal reminders, it has done so since its formation and the R36.00 transaction fee on eNaTIS transactions is paid to the RTMC.

It is not clear whether the specific point of failure is attributable to the SA Post Office, the RTMC or eNaTIS itself, but whatever the reason behind it is, vehicle owners are advised to check their licence discs regularly.’

‘Motorists are reminded that checking the validity of their licence disc on their vehicle is part of the pre-trip inspection which should be performed before driving, not just at the K53 driving licence test.’

2. What documentation do I need? Are there specific forms?

When renewing your licence you need the following:

• Your identity document

• Proof of postal and residential address (e.g. utility account).

• You must fill in a notification of change of address or particulars of person or organisation (NCP) form.

• Motor vehicle licence renewal notice (MVL2). If you do not have the renewal notice, complete form ALV (Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle).

JPSA: ‘Should a licence disc be due for renewal and the owner not have received a reminder to renew it, a form ALV will have to be completed.’

3. I’m being told I can’t renew my licence because an arrest warrant has been issued?

JPSA: ‘It is also important to note that counter staff of the SA Post Office are particularly fond of telling people that a warrant of arrest has been issued when people try unsuccessfully to renew their licence discs.

‘While this may be true in the City of Cape Town where administrative blocks are placed on eNaTIS by it on the basis of the existence of a warrant of arrest, it is most likely untrue in other parts of the country.’

‘By far, the most likely cause of a licence disc not being issued is the existence of an enforcement order issued under the AARTO Act. In October 2015, JPSA published an advisory on this matter, yet it still receives numerous enquiries from panicked members of the public who are misled and unduly intimidated by alarmist statements by SAPO counter staff.

Motorists are also advised that enforcement orders block the renewal of driving licenses and Professional Driving Permits (PrDP) as well as licence discs.’

4. Why can’t I apply online?

JPSA: ‘Despite the National Department of Transport having published in a government gazette 38142 on 31 October 2014 that motorists may make use of an online facility on its website to verify and update their address details the eNaTIS system, no such facility apparently exists on its or the RTMC’s websites.’

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