Letter of the Week: A nation of thankless savages

In the township where I lived, most people have illegal connections to the power supply. When the municipality sends its electricians to disconnect these illegal connections, the residents throw stones at them.
road safety

Guessing games on Zululand roads

THERE was a standing joke back in the day that if you drove badly, you must have bought your license from a spaza shop. Well, it seems as though every Zululander lines up at the nearest spaza shop once they turn 18. Apart from blatantly ignoring all road rules, one of the strangest sights is

Security chief’s comments a load of twaddle

I WISH to respond to the article by Wiseman Mthiyane in the Zululand Observer of 10 April headed ‘Crime comments astound’. Having been a dedicated member of the SAPS for some 20 years, pursuing the fight against crime, my shock and reaction on the comments by the Zululand University’s Director Protective Services, Themba Ntuli, should

Poles pose no party deterrent

Why go through all the trouble, and probably a substantial cost, to put up the poles and leave a gaping hole?

May Day, May Day!

We have some work to do to truly celebrate Workers’ Day, thinks MIA MOORCROFT.