Support for the good work of the SPCA

I AM truly heartbroken by the fact that the SPCAs receive no help from our local municipality. This heaven sent place is not there for making money, but instead they help all of us. They look after abandoned animals, they look after your pet should you go away and even help pet owners with all…

Water shortage – many simply don’t care

I AM writing this letter in response to the front page article ‘Water cut hammer finally falls’. It says that wards in Richards Bay, Empangeni and Ngwelezane will be affected due to concerns about the drought. But I drive around in Arboretum and still see people using sprinklers and standing with their hosepipes, watering gardens….
Letter Ed

No need for heavy handed approach

TODAY at a supermarket in KwaDlangezwa, a seven-year-old boy was accused of stealing a R2.50 Easter egg sweet. He was abused and a security guard separated him from his 11-year-old cousin and locked him in the toilet at the back of the store. His cousin was told to call the child’s parents. When they arrived,…
Letter Ed

Love Val’s quirky sense of humour

I READ a number of articles on Jeremy Clarkson with a mixture of frustration and disbelief. The only reason he has so many fans is because there are so many of us who love his sense of humour. I killed myself (not literally obviously) laughing at the episode that brought him the most criticism owing…

Opinions should be backed with facts

THIS is in response to the Letter of the Week in the Monday edition. I feel the writer generalised by saying that the injured guard who was shot during a CBD robbery, wasn’t properly trained. It was an unfortunate moment where even the best trained guard would have ended up the same way. Even opinion…
Graham Spence

London Letter: Paying a fortune to wallow in mud

DOWN south you may have heard of Glastonbury, the biggest outdoor music festival in the world, and among the hipsters, you have not lived until you have been there. Indeed, it is considered a mandatory rite of passage to being cool. I must confess Glastonbury comes and goes each year without being troubled by my…

Concerns about city water cuts

I WOULD like to know how the uMhlathuze Municipality came to the decision to introduce water supply cuts during the early hours of 4am-9am for five days (from 27 to 31 July). We believe these are harsh restrictions as many people are returning from or going to work during the 6am-8am time period. This is…

A work of love

AWOL teens break the barriers of stereotypes.