Graham Spence

Africa: the reality far exceeds the romance

  I hate misery memoirs with a passion. To me they’re basically sob-porn. So when a book titled Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight appeared some years go, I gave it a miss even though it was mainly set in the town where I was born, Umtali in Eastern Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). My mistake…
South Africa also tops the list of the top ten countries with HIV/TB deaths, at 88 000. Mozambique follows with 45 000

The age of a dying nation

SOUTH AFRICA is known as the country with the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. This is saddening as we are trying to promote the idea that the future generation needs to take control. But how can they take control if they’re dying of a debilitating disease? Children should be encouraged to be children for…
Graham Spence about to decide on which New Orleans gastronomic delight to indulge in

London Letter: The hardships of toiling in the French Quarter

  So there I was, wide awake. I glanced at my watch… 3.30am and at that moment, four gunshots went off. Then a fifth … possibly a coup de grace. Where was I? Iraq? Syria? Soweto? No – I was in a swanky business hotel in downtown Chicago in a bedroom almost the size of…

Issues at Stake: Eyes wide shut to child abuse

How is it possible that atrocities against children happen daily and yet society seemingly carries on blindfolded? Zululand Observer columnist RACHELLE BREED examines this paradox, where it seems the perpetrators are protected and the victims are punished