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Impound the road runner cattle

JUST by the grace of God I wasn’t killed or badly injured when recently, en route between eShowe and Melmoth, I encountered a whole herd of cattle on the road as I came around a blind corner. Fortunately I was only doing 80km/h and the driver in the uThungulu Municipality’s double-cab behind me was keeping

Experience with local vet very disappointing

I AM an animal lover, and a proud owner of an eight-year-old German Shepherd. Owing to the increase in crime in our area and the total disregard by criminals for safety measures like electric fencing and alarms, I opted to get another German Shepherd pup. We brought the puppy home on Sunday, and after allowing

Traffic officer deployment needs more logical thinking

ON my way to work this morning from Meerensee to Alton there was a roadblock set up on the John Ross Highway at the old Crocodile Farm intersection. Once I got into Arboretum, I found that all the major robots were out due to load-shedding. My question here is – and I wonder if someone

Full marks to Mkhuze’s helpful community

MY husband and I have just spent a lovely Easter weekend caravanning at Mkuzi Game Reserve. On our way there we took a wrong turn and ended up on a very poor road and were unable to tow our caravan up onto the road that would see us on our way. We were helped by
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Appreciate our beach

IT was refreshing to note how festive and busy Alkantstrand beach was over the Easter weekend. The beach, which has changed rapidly over recent years due to natural causes and lack of maintenance, is definitely note fully utilised. The Easter weekend provided a change in scenery from the quietude of Alkantstrand’s normal days. It was

No respect for barbaric cultural practises

THIS letter is in response to ‘Understanding and respecting diverse cultural rituals’ by Voice of Reason in the Zululand Observer of 6 April. Although I understand diverse cultural rituals I think that any act involving deliberate injury to yourself, someone in your care or causing unnecessary suffering to animals for religious/cultural purposes is cruel, superstitious
Naval Island rubbish

Clean-up in Mtuba just a feeble election ploy

THE recent article regarding the ‘ANC clean-up’ in Mtubatuba is laughable. There were groups of ANC people ambling around the Mtuba CBD picking up litter. However, what is the use of this being done as a once-off? Our town is permanently filthy, which is an ongoing problem that is never rectified. There are also ANC