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Congratulations to DICE and ZO team

CONGRATULATIONS are in order to the Zululand Observer MD and founder of DICE, Mrs Reg Anthony, and her team for walking away with a string of accolades at the annual Caxton publishing group’s Excellence Awards held in Johannesburg recently. As a local resident, I am proud of the contribution made by the ZO in ensuring
Graham Spence

London Letter

The varying definitions when being rated as old.
City Deputy Mayor Cllr Vera Gumbi is welcomed to the ZO Empangeni office by Managing Director Regina Anthony

Issues at Stake

Communication is the name of the game for any large organisation, and municipalities are no exception. Zululand Observer Deputy Editor and council reporter RONELLE RAMSAMY shares her insights
The line of sandbags was placed in December as a barrier. This photo taken last week clearly shows the increased extent of the erosion

Erosion at Alkantstrand needs serious attention

I HAVE just completed a basic socio-economic study of uMhlathuze for personal purposes and must admit I learnt a lot about the area during my research. One aspect I dealt with in my report was how hard our municipality works to promote tourism and industry in our area. Amongst other things, I included pictures and

Matric farewells are costing parents a fortune

THERE are rumours that the Grade 12s of one of our local high schools are going to pay R325 each for their matric farewell. My concern is the following: • Why are children paying for their matric farewell? Why did they not raise funds while in Grade 11 so that the money could be used
Graham Spence

London Letter: Biltong a key element in changing culinary trends

As a kid, I could eat anything – a product of boarding school where fried eggs were more rubbery than a beach ball and sago tasted worse than the frogs eggs it resembled. On more than a couple of occasions school grub was semi-toxic with mass outbreaks of gyppo guts, and the trick was not

No communication from inefficient Telkom

MY Internet as well as my telephone connections ceased to work on Friday, 13 March. As Telkom only works from Monday to Friday, I could only contact them on Monday morning after 8am. When I eventually made contact, I was put on hold until somebody was available to answer my query. My call was made

Still trapped in the body of a child

THERE is a very inconsiderate person living in the flats on the corner of Farewell and Isaacs Roads, Empangeni, who has taken Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed far too seriously. Every afternoon, at around the same time, this obviously genetically deprived man driving a white pimped-up Nissan, speeds around the neighbourhood making a