Every dispute is not a racial issue

THE video of a heated exchange between two customers at Texamo Spur, east of Johannesburg last week, is a grim reminder of how hard it is for many South Africans to shake off the shackles of racism. Footage of the encounter, oozing vulgarity and uncontrollable anger outbursts, went viral within minutes, with online users jumping…

Schoolyard violence is a mayday call

‘Fights in school corridors are by no means a new occurrence, for it has played out across all demographics in urban and rural schools since the beginning of time’ writes Ronelle Ramsamy

Racism stops with me

‘It’s easy to see why such a campaign was deemed necessary: hardly a day goes by without some or other racist incident or claim making the headlines’ writes Dave Savides

Beware: they’re out to get your money

All too often, this newspaper reports on people falling for some or other false promise. Invariably, after the story is told, it seems so obvious there should have been ample cause for caution before falling headlong into the trap. Victims realise, too late, how they were swindled. We do our best to issue warnings by…

A human tragedy above all else

CONSERVATIONSTS and the general public across the entire world were appalled at the news last week of the savage attack at the rhino orphanage sanctuary at Thula Thula, near Heatonville. Appeals for the tightening up of security measures were responded to immediately, and rightly so. This is a special place on the planet, a haven…