LONDON LETTER: Current zeitgeist not hipster friendly

‘WHEN not foaming at the mouth and spitting dummies out of cribs, the hipsters are genuinely mystified why Donald Trump became President. Me too – except I’m mystified at why they are mystified.’ writes Graham Spence

ISSUES AT STAKE: Tread cautiously with dagga

The use of marijuana (dagga or cannabis) for prescribed medication will potentially be legalized in South Africa this month, but Dr Shaquir Saduker Psychiatry Management Group board member and Director at the Durban Pain Clinic argues this could lead to long-term abuse

No respect for rule of law

Year after year, this publication has documented disturbingly high incidents of violent incidents turned fatal in Zululand.

What legends are made of

A man whose death on Monday caused an outpouring of national and international tributes and a flood of media headlines worldwide

Gogo gives a golden lesson

In the space of about 18 months, Phetheni amassed no less than 42 tons of recyclable glass

ISSUES AT STAKE: Racists will not prevail

The number of progressive thinking South Africans far outnumber the minority of racists in South Africa – and there is a survey to prove it, writes MIA MOORCROFT

LONDON LETTER: Hoping for a generous luck quota

I’M reasonably well educated, vaguely knowledgeable and, dare I say, fairly well-informed, although that’s up for debate. So how come I’m such a superstitious guy? writes Graham Spence

No place for corrupt doctors

The news that investigators working for the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) will be launching a probe into fraudulent sick notes being issued by a Mandeni doctor’s practice, is to be welcomed