No-care attitude about wasted water

EARLY in the morning (last week) I reported a serious water leak in Alton to the municipality. Before 7am I was told that plumbers were already notified and had been sent out. At about 7.30am l stopped at a traffic vehicle opposite Dendustri to ask the officers to call out someone. I was told in…

What legends are made of

A man whose death on Monday caused an outpouring of national and international tributes and a flood of media headlines worldwide

Gogo gives a golden lesson

In the space of about 18 months, Phetheni amassed no less than 42 tons of recyclable glass

ISSUES AT STAKE: Racists will not prevail

The number of progressive thinking South Africans far outnumber the minority of racists in South Africa – and there is a survey to prove it, writes MIA MOORCROFT

Thumbs up for drug busters

Well done to the cops and various units involved in the operation that swooped on a drug manufacturing kitchen and brothel in Arboretum

LONDON LETTER: Hoping for a generous luck quota

I’M reasonably well educated, vaguely knowledgeable and, dare I say, fairly well-informed, although that’s up for debate. So how come I’m such a superstitious guy? writes Graham Spence

No place for corrupt doctors

The news that investigators working for the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) will be launching a probe into fraudulent sick notes being issued by a Mandeni doctor’s practice, is to be welcomed

ISSUES AT STAKE: Roll on the movie makers

Anecdotes about weird things that happen on film sets are rife… but maybe the proposed movie to be shot in Richards Bay will outdo them all, writes DAVE SAVIDES