In This Mall, Holograms Of Disabled People Appear If You Try To Park In Their Space

Disabled parking stickers for everyone?

AS a disabled person I would like to ask the following: 1. When is a person classified as disabled? 2. To what degree must a person be disabled to qualify for a disabled sticker? The reason I ask these questions is that when I became disabled I had to get a doctor’s letter stating my…

Bring back SANAB

WHEN an unemployed man confesses to a Zululand Observer journalist that he spends R500 per day on his Whoonga addiction, the logical question immediately follows: Where does he get the money? More importantly, where will it stop? When the highly effective SANAB (South African Narcotics Bureau) was folded, Richards Bay became a burgeoning market for…
Litter bug alert - one of the female occupants of this vehicle decided to throw a glass bottle into the sea at Pelican Island instead of walking 20m to the rubbish bin

Litter bug with an attitude

DESPITE the weather looking a bit overcast on Saturday, I decided to go to Pelican Island so that my two-year-old could spend some time getting to know the ‘big swimming pool’. We arrived at the small beach that is directly opposite the NSRI without much ado, and joined other beach goers already lounging in the…