Graham Spence

London Letter: Cecil now symbolises white rule

The most vociferous indignation and Twitter outrage over Cecil’s death comes from those who would rather rub honey on their bellies and lie naked on an anthill than be slurred so horribly.
Unizul Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Commerce Administration and Law, Irsshad Kaseeram

SA moving towards economic precipice

What the country desperately needs is a visionary leader who can make strategic interventions instead of harping on the past injustices, writes Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Commerce Administration and Law at the University of Zululand, Dr IRRSHAD KASEERAM

Dustbin woes a never ending problem

I RECENTLY had to purchase two new green dustbins, after my bins were damaged, and within a month both have again been cracked and damaged. The bin is only taken out once a week for refuse removal and the municipal workers are the only people that handle the dustbins. With no regard for our property,…

Daylight robbery of precious electricity

IS there any reason why the street lights along Baines Road in Empangeni were still on at 9am on Monday morning? I don’t mean to moan about small things, but it just seems to be wasteful and unnecessary, as we are all trying to cut down on electricity consumption, to try and minimise load shedding….