International articles

Trump to meet big 3 auto leaders in Washington

President Donald Trump will meet on Tuesday with the chiefs of the largest US automakers for the first time since taking office, following his repeated attacks on those firms for their overseas production.

Dwarf galaxies shed light on dark matter

The first sighting of clustered dwarf galaxies bolsters a leading theory about how big galaxies such as our Milky Way are formed, and how dark matter binds them, researchers said Monday.

France FM in Saudi to reaffirm ‘partnership’

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault arrived in Saudi Arabia on Monday to reaffirm the allies’ “strategic partnership”, as European concerns mount over US President Donald Trump’s foreign policies.

Venezuela opposition stages crisis protest march

Venezuela’s opposition marched in the streets Monday demanding early elections to oust President Nicolas Maduro, whom it blames for the country’s economic and political crisis.

Paris experiments with driverless buses

Paris began its first experiment with driverless buses on Monday, with city officials saying they were eager to prepare for the coming “revolution” of autonomous vehicles.

Mexico president warns ‘no submission’ in US talks

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto on Monday vowed “no confrontation but no submission” to the United States in renegotiating the two countries’ relations under new US President Donald Trump.