When will political interference stop?

WHAT baffles me today is the outright abuse of political power and party interference in the administration of a municipality.

Previously, officials were impartial representatives and no one knew to which political party they were affiliated.

Now there is no distinction. Officials are openly canvassing for their political parties during work time and conduct party administration duties during municipal hours.

The sad part is that no one questions this, including opposition parties, so it has become the norm.

An official, who is a public servant, now plays a dual role at the expense of the taxpayer. Tender manipulation is also bleeding municipal coffers.

The article in the ZO Weekender edition (24 February) referring to election tender kickback accusations at uMlalazi is shocking and warrants immediate intervention from the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

If the allegations are indeed true, it is an example of how a political party can dictate the running of a local municipality, manipulating a mayor and further promising tender kickbacks.

Is this a good story to tell? Surely not! Get your act together.

Run a clean municipality and serve the people who elected you with honesty and integrity. We are fed up with political shenanigans and no actual work being done.


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